[Review] CM10: Paranoid Android Nightly

Written on October 14, 2012

There has been a pretty big hype with jellybean for a while and a lot of my friends (okay not really. only the few who are into flashing custom roms and stuff) have already upgraded. So instead of working on all my assignments like I should have been doing, I just spent the last 5 hours or so flashing and screwing around with the OCT 13 build of PA for my Galaxy Note N7000.

Here’s an extremely brief review.

1. It’s not that smooth.

Like the whole project butter hype thing? Yea… It’s not that great.

Although it is very likely that this is simply due to the lack of a working hwcomposer for the Galaxy Note. Maybe if Samsung decided to release a few sources or hurry up and give us an official Jellybean TW rom or something, things could be very different.

Flashing g.lewarne’s HydraCore v6 beta 3 kernel made a little bit of a difference though.

2. A few of my apps are broken.

Kind of annoying.

Swype kinda worked but things were a bit weird. Guitar Tabs were broken as well. Also there is currently no working Polaris Office that is compatible with Jellybean. =.=’

3. The new Paranoid 2+ settings are quite frustrating.

Like the DPI slider things is kinda nice. But it can be quite fiddly and annoying.

Also the layout is in XXX px, which I find is quite annoying. I mean, I don’t even know how each layout is going to look. Back in the CM9 version of PA, it was just a matter of setting the dpi to tablet and the ui to tablet. Now I have to carefully slide the dpi slider (they dont even have presets like 213, 240 etc) and then find a working px size. =.=’

So frustrating.

So yea. After all that working flashing, fixing experimenting etc. I restored my nandroid backup and now I’m back on CM9 PA again. And I’m not missing JB that much.

Plus, now that I’ve satisfied my curiosity I promise I will work really hard for the rest of the week.