The Hope of a Smooth Android

Every time a new version of Android comes out promising a smoother, faster experience, I get extremely hopeful. Since my (original) Galaxy Note is extremely old and I lack sufficient funds to upgrade to a newer phone any time soon, even performing basic tasks can be extremely cumbersome due to all the lag and stutter.

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[Tutorial] How to Hide the Tumblr Header on your Dashboard

I was annoyed that after the Tumblr update, the persistent header bar took up so much room on the Dashboard so I’ve written a little script that hides the Tumblr header from your Dashboard when you scroll down, and shows it again when you scroll up.

Here is what the final result looks like.

Result of header hiding

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[Review] EXOGEAR Exomount Universal Car Mount


Greetings all.

So a while back I bought this car mount titled “Exogear Exomount Universal Car Mount for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000” from a seller named all_city. The guy had pretty good feedback so I forked over 35 odd bucks and eagerly awaited the car mount to arrive.

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Leaked JB TW rom for the Galaxy Note (GT-N7000)

I previously mentioned that the CM10 JB rom I tried wasn’t as smooth and responsive as advertised. I suspect this largely to be due to the lack of a working hwcomposer for the Galaxy Note and could only be remedied if Samsung released an official version of the Android operating system 4.1, Jellybean, for the GN1. Because of the release of its successor, the Galaxy Note 2, if the first GN got an upgrade that provided all the features of the GN2 then people would be less inclined to upgrade and purchase the new one. So there was lots of discussion whether the GN1 would be upgraded and Samsung gave no official news on the matter.

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[Review] CM10: Paranoid Android Nightly

There has been a pretty big hype with jellybean for a while and a lot of my friends (okay not really. only the few who are into flashing custom roms and stuff) have already upgraded. So instead of working on all my assignments like I should have been doing, I just spent the last 5 hours or so flashing and screwing around with the OCT 13 build of PA for my Galaxy Note N7000.

Here’s an extremely brief review.

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