Leaked JB TW rom for the Galaxy Note (GT-N7000)

Written on October 26, 2012

I previously mentioned that the CM10 JB rom I tried wasn’t as smooth and responsive as advertised. I suspect this largely to be due to the lack of a working hwcomposer for the Galaxy Note and could only be remedied if Samsung released an official version of the Android operating system 4.1, Jellybean, for the GN1. Because of the release of its successor, the Galaxy Note 2, if the first GN got an upgrade that provided all the features of the GN2 then people would be less inclined to upgrade and purchase the new one. So there was lots of discussion whether the GN1 would be upgraded and Samsung gave no official news on the matter. Then a few weeks ago someone claimed they had a leaked version of this JB TW rom, posting photos and videos (iirc). However, no one would believe them until something was released because no zips or tars were provided at all. Because of this, the rumoured leak was dismissed as a fake.

Around the 20th of October, Samsung Sweden officially announced that the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Galxy Note and the Galaxy Note 10.1 would all receive updates to Android 4.1 and the updates should arrive sometime in December. Of course the community was excited about such an announcement as this means Samsung still cares for us GN1 users.

A few days after this announcement a leaked alpha version of this JB TW rom for the GN1 was found and released to the public. Whether this is the same leak as the rumoured one, a few weeks ago, is unknown but highly probable. Because of such an early alpha release, lots of the features and functions were broken. But of course developers quickly jumped on this leak and kanging all the sources from the official JB rom for the GS3 and the GN2 and managed to get this leak in a near perfect condition. Any minor bugs were quickly ironed out.

So now us GN1 users have a fully working JB TW rom MONTHS before the official release date. I’ve given it a flash. Nothing is too broken. Got a 50gb Dropbox upgrade thanks to Samsung too. Oh and let me tell you something. IT IS EXTREMELY SMOOTH AND RESPONSIVE!! Like no joke. It feels like new.

The development in the GN community never ceases to amaze me. Hopefully one day I’ll be an awesome developer who is able to contribute to the community in some way as well.