[Review] EXOGEAR Exomount Universal Car Mount

Written on January 17, 2013


Greetings all.

So a while back I bought this car mount titled “Exogear Exomount Universal Car Mount for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000” from a seller named all_city. The guy had pretty good feedback so I forked over 35 odd bucks and eagerly awaited the car mount to arrive.

I waited an awful long time (a good 3 and a bit weeks). Usually things don’t take this long but I thought maybe it has something to do with shipping from the states down to aus, but then a few weeks ago we bought something else from the states and it took like 4 days. o.O Anyways, so yea. First bad thing was that it took ages.
Shipping: 1/5

The mount arrived, the packaging was all satisfactory. Nothing exciting here.
Went to the car, stuck it on top of the dashboard thing and it stuck pretty damn well. I would shake it a lot more than the average bumpy car ride and it stuck brilliantly. Won’t complain too much about about the suction although on numerous occasions if the car (e.g. if I parked the car in the sun and left the mount stuck to the dash because I couldn’t be bothered to unstick the it and put it away) got really hot the suction would get really crappy and then it would just fall right over. This happened a few times so yea. Not sure if its meant to work in hot weather or something but to me this was kinda unfortunate. Suction: 4/5

The mount itself is pretty nice and clean looking and it didn’t cover the camera so you can (for whatever reason you’d want to) even record video whilst driving. So albeit not working too well in hot weather the car mount was pretty great. For about 2 weeks. Then one of the rubber grippy tip thing fell off. Which sucked. I seriously hoped that a 30 dollar car mount from U.S would will last a little longer than 2 weeks.

Although this little grip issue wasn’t all that big compared to what happens later. What’s big is when about 2 months (maybe 3) after using the mount, it explodes. You heard me. Honestly, I just driving to work one day with music playing from my phone when suddenly a loud BANG occurs and my phone flys out and almost hits me. I swear it almost made me cause a car accident. The clip of the mount snapped clean off. Here’s a few pictures. image image Design/Build: 2/5

Now obviously the listing is no longer there but here’s a similar one. Even though it’s advertised to be unique to the phone e.g. especially for iPhone, for Galaxy Note etc. they’re all the same mount. On the original listing it said it could house the Galaxy Note (hence the specialised listing name) plus devices up to 5.5 inches but on this iPhone listing it says only up to 5 inches (which could explain why it blew up in my face).

I usually buy cheap things that are shipped from China but I thought I would give the expensive thing shipped from the states a shot. Obviously you might have different experiences with this mount because I heard great reviews from people before buying it, but here is my honest review about my experiences. Needless to say I have been quite disappointment.

Overall: 2/5

I’ve recently ordered this cheap knock-off exogear mount (shipped from China btw) after Blu3Fr0g’s recommendation and might write follow up review when it arrives.